Quality, Care and dedication

To offer you the best


We love to work in compliance with each deadline

Our primary goal is based on one aspect that we believe to be of fundamental importance: Quality

The utmost attention in each stage of the production process plays an important role.

Thanks to a cohesive and well-organized work team excellent results can always be obtained and for this reason communication and synergy are the basis of all our production departments. The maximum collaboration for a common goal is therefore one of our added values ​​that accompanies all phases of the production process, from technical assistance in the planning stage to leak test on machined parts.

Technical assistance to customers in the planning stage.

Material control, carried out by spectrometer.

Thorough planning of the production process.

Mechanical machining according to drawing and issuing of the relevant inspection reports.

Leak test on machined parts.

Mechanical Machining department

Starting from 2020, Fratelli Zanetti has expanded its structure by inaugurating a new mechanical machining department in order to guarantee customers an internally machined product, always fully respecting delivery times.